Monday, December 24, 2007

Village Park Restuarant @ Uptown DU

Its not really common to have Sayang rave about a certain place. I am not sure why I have not heard about this restaurant before, but I am glad we actually finally came over to this restaurant to try their stuff.

We would normally come by in the evenings after gym and go, alas ! sudah tutup la.... so I suppose they do not do dinner.

When we arrived, we saw a canopy set up outside their restaurant, like the type people put up when they want to have a party at home kinda canopy, the only difference is that they actually used that to put more people on the road. Its was packed la to say the least.

Then when you walk in , you can see this banner , Best Nasi Lemak in Uptown, sure bo ? Also in the banner they have pics of some of their various chinese hawker stall fare. The special thing about this restaurant is that its HALAL.

Halal chinese hawker restaurants aren't a norm in Klang Valley. Chicken rice is one of them, Red Ginger also one of them, and Madam Kwan's lo. Where else can you find good pork free chinese food worth bringing your friends to leh ?

So after we got a table to sit on, someone came hurriedly to take our order. You can tell by the way the workers are hustling around, that they are doing very well. Recommendation #1, Ipoh White Coffee Ice. Their white coffee is brewed from Coffee powder unlike the ones you get form Oldtown Kopitiam. Their coffee is quite kao... and color also quite nice.

Sayang must have her roti kahwin whenever she sits down at a kopitiam to either drink or eat. Their toast are just normal sandwich slices like High5 / Gardenia bread, served with a spread of butter and their home made kaya. Their kaya tasted quite alright, but their sandwich bread was a little bit of a let down. You can order a breakfast set from them all day @ 4.50 which consists of 1 set Roti Kahwin, 1 White Coffe, and 2 half boiled eggs. If you want ice, add .50 for each set.

I ordered their Prawn noodles. Their prawn mee soup is surprisingly quite rich in flavour. Especially for a halal one. If you liked bland, flat tasting prawn mee, you can always go check out Oldtown's Prawn Mee...but at Village park their prawn mee still pack a little oomph in it. Definitely can't say it is very good, but its the best Halal Prawn Mee I had.Their banner proudly says their Nasi Lemak is bes in Uptown wo. So for sure must try la. This Nasi Lemak was given a pretty good review from Sayang. Normally we should be able to go to the stall and choose our lauk one, but because of the amount of people waiting in line to take their food right, we opted to order Nasi Lemak Ayam straight from the waiter.

Their sambal is quite hot, nuts and ikan bilis quite crunchy, and their curry ayam, was quite tasty. Their nasi lemak is really, actually above average la. I don't mind going back to eat it again.

Village Park Restaurant
5, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-77107860
Open from 7 am to 8pm daily, 7 am to 6 pm on Sunday/Public Holiday

The Reflectors
Lyrical Lemongrass


MeiyeN said...

i heard their nasi lemak is good.. i must try it soon! merry christmas to you and your loved ones! :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I like nasi lemak here, but i find that service isn't up to par. Sometimes gotta wait forever wan. Better to go up there and help yourself to the food.

Merry Christmas!

Bernsy said...

Meiyen - must try, then only you know... but please don't expect to go to heaven and back when you eat their Nasi Lemak, because it won't.. wakakakaka.....

Lemongrass - no wonder la, so many people go to the nasi lemak counter to Q up , but when I was there recently I saw a sign, " No Self Serivice" - wakakakaka..

Merry Christmas to both of you...

Quickening said...

Ooo! Ooo! Did you try their meehoon soto? I have that at every breakfast I go there. Better than most, I must say...

HairyBerry said...

yeah, the prawn noodle looks red in colour...with spare ribs, lagi shiok! ooppss, this one's halal, right? hehe...

Bernsy said...

hehe, hou yee kee definitely much better. Not sure why I have not gotten round to posting a review of that famous prawn mee place yet.

Anonymous said...

hurmmm.....sedappp...awek2 pun gerek kat sini....- mirul

Anonymous said...

Was at Village Park today afternoon around 1.30pm, a very bad experience and end up with order nothing and left.
My friends like to go there, and I was there few times already, the nasi lemak is just normal.

Today again, I arrived earlier than my friends, sit a table far away from the counter(alongs the corridor), the table was messy, so I stand and wait, then a waiter come and clean it, after cleaned, he told me that he go and bring over the menu to me.

Due to I was received a call from customer few minutes ago, ask me to check an urgent mail sent by her, so I open up my LAPTOP with my Celcom Broadband to download that mail. During the time I see the waiter walk towards me with the menu, but suddenly he turn back into the shops...I feel weird, but thought that maybe he forgot something else, so I continue downloading my mail. After I done download my mail, I start realize that I sitting there around 10mins, menu still not coming.

I also notice that there's an empty table just in front of the main entrance, so I decided to shut down my laptop and walk over to the table. Because it takes time to shut down the laptop, so I carrying it on my hand and walk towards, see an Old Man carrying a cleaning cloth towards the table and want to clean it for me initially, but suddenly he stared at my laptop, show me two hands and bad face, then walk away from the table and stand beside. I suddenly 'HANG' for few seconds, and remembered that my friend told me this place not allow to use LAPTOP. So I keep my laptop and stand up, then that uncle suddenly sit at my place and seems like want to chase me out from the place. That uncle(heard that is the owner) really too rude, he may have his own rules, but I didn't use his electricity or wifi, and never disturb his business because I only use for few minutes. He might be right for generating himself a good business turnover but definitely very wrong due to his bad very attitude. I will definitely banned this place for my life time.

If there's really a in-house rules at his shop, he may come to me politely and tell me that I cannot use laptop at the place,(some more I'm just carrying it with my hand and standing, is not surfing over there for few hours.) Now everyone talk about internet, even government do support in some Wifi project to encourage residents to have more knowledge in internet & computers, so what he do is totally opposite with the generation and environment already.

All the readers please imagine, what's your response if you're the one who got such a reaction from that uncle ? "SIAO SIAO" sit down, keep the laptop and call the Uncle nicely and ask him to clean table for you and make an order ?

Wondering why there's so many people so stupid still want to go for such a bad service restaurant for the so called tasty food ? Actually there's quite a lot of food stall,restaurant are like these uncle, they thought business is good, so they treat customer very badly because they don't mind to miss a customer, because many stupid people still like to eat my food, come pay me the money, even I treat them badly.

This shop information should be removed from all the Malaysia internet sites or blogs because it may misleading some tourist come to the place, and what if they treat the tourists like that also ?This will give a very bad impression to the outsider that Malaysian is all like that.

yong said...

Well anonymous, serves you right for being an outright idiot! Laptops are not allowed becoz the place is ALWAYS packed with people down for some SERIOUS eating. This is no mamak stall. Go to one if you want to flip your laptop open, silly! Sheesh!