Monday, January 07, 2008

Teochew Stewed Duck @ Restoran Kam Heong, PJ State

After gym @ Menara Axis, we normally ask ourselves, makan apa, makan mana ? Sayang suggested one day, why don't we try this place at PJ State where they have a very famous restaurant that sells Loh Ngap. Being half teochew, I grew up eating duck that was very smelly, or to put in words better, had a very strong ducky smell to them. This shop serves them ducks with minimal duck smell.

Anyway this stall is in and around the square of shops in the Menara MPPJ square. Sayang brought me there and KYEATS has a nice illustrated map to show you where it is. As we arrived at this shop, I found that there was still plenty of duck, so we ordered and I pulled out my camera and started taking shots.

Its really a weird place to dine, because this shop actually invested on a few plasma screens and played a documentary on how some ducks are fed , and how they end up on our table. But the problem is , since I do not understand chinese, I had no idea what the documentary was all about. And it keeps playing back the same documentary in a loop.

We ordered a plate of duck rice each and added a plate of Stewed Mushrooms. The gravy was pretty tasty and I put a lot of that gravy onto my rice. We must have been trying not to eat too much that night, but I normally would order a Pickled Veg Dish (Ham Choi).

The duck came on a separate plate, although we ordered a duck rice each. Weird, but I guess it came around to the same in the end. Taste wise, I must say, it was quite authentic. But to say the least I must have had better duck than this PJ STATE restaurant. Famous, I must agree, but definitely I have had better. However if you are in State, its the best you can get.

To name a few other places where we could go try this Teochew Duck cuisine, at this moment I can think of three one in Kepong market, the other in Taman Cheras and last but not least the row of shops in front of Pudu Jail (along Jalan Cheras).

Kam Heong Restoran
8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya New Town

First July



Christina Kim said...

Nice pics:D though I don't take meat:p
Nice blog you have:)
Happy New year!!~

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend this
if you're in cheras again.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah the duck looks like oily wor..

Bernsy said...

Christy - happy new year to you too, gong hei fat choi !

Jane -

I was there too.. somemore just return there with my mom who's teochew. She said, not very authentic la... but i thought the stuff they sell at Desa Aman was quite good.

Joe - u gotta go and try, the pictures didn't really do justice to their ducks, but to be fair to the PJ people who love their State Duck Rice/Porridge you gotta go try, ahahaha

HairyBerry said...

the one near pudu jail, tried before...when i was still a baby...hehehe...long time never go already...

kepong?? mana satu brader? i only know that famous kong kee roasted duck near the kepong baru market...

Bernsy said...

Oh that pudu jail one, opens only for lunch right ? I haven't had the time or happen to pass by... That Pudu Jail one is actually near Pudu Plaza, at jalan something off Jalan Landak ( i dunno why I remember landak). That pudu place has a reputation of serving one of ze best ducks in KL.

Kong Kee - yeah I just went there yesterday for lunch.. hehehehe thats the one...

KY said...

yaa, very nice ducky pics. :D

Anonymous said...


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JooNgan said...

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