Wednesday, January 02, 2008

KK Caterers for Our Lunch Reception

Someone mentioned that I'd be reviewing the food at our own wedding... hahaha, and that actually gave me an idea to basically not forget the camera and snap them foods before the guests arrived. The caterer we engaged is called KK Caterers. To be frank, their name sounded like a chinese man called , KK.. if you know what I mean. Coming all the way from Banting, they arrived pretty early to set up the food for us.

They arrived at about 6.20am in the morning, just to set up this roasting station. I had to move my car elsewhere to let them in. So they started cooking this lamb at about 7. By this time it was already half cooked.

This particular dish on top , is the chicken Peratal. Its cooked with a lot of herbs and spices, but it doesn't give you that very hot feeling in the mouth. The little bit of gravy might actually explains why the dish was a little bit too salty for my liking, otherwise I would have had no complains about it. So for some people they actually found it to taste just nice.

This one is the Chicken Curry dish. Picture taken before they poured in the curry. I found the chicken that they use not too fatty. I likes !!

This one is some beancurd dish, accompanied by a sweetish chilli sauce. This oriental styled beancurd dish, was cooked with a little bit of chilli slices added to it. I get the impression they were trying to make it a little bit fusion'ish if you know what I mean.

Their squid sambal, surprisingly came out to be my favourite dish for the day other than the lamb. This squid sambal really reminds me of some very nice Sotong sambal you'd pick up from a Nasi Lemak stall. The sambal is hot, spicy and slight sweetish. Yumms.

This is their mutton curry. Have to say, it was very tasty.

Stir fried mixed vegetables to provide some fibre into the meal. Not the best plate of vegetables I tasted but then and again, no complaints.

The caterers also served white rice and this special kind of Briyani Rice. Not sure how they made it, but it apparently does not contain ghee. Hence the whitish color of this rice. On top of it you can see fried onions and ginger.
The feedback from everyone was that the food was quite good. I personally think the food wasn't bad at all, but does not deserve to be over praised.

This a picture of the whole ensemble that made the cast for our Lunch Reception. If awards have to be given out to the various dishes, the winner will definitely go to their roast lamb with mint sauce. I did not enjoy their black pepper sauce at all. Coming in second very closely is the squid sambal, followed by the mutton curry.

Mom in Law was raving about their special briyani which I found rather bland, and tasteless. Perhaps or maybe we expected too much from the rice. Wakakaka... nevertheless everyone said the food was quite good. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered making a post about the food .
The baskets of Ladu, were bought from a particular Mr & Mrs Singh, and not from KK Caterers. Sayang bought those purple wraps, and mom in law spent an entire afternoon wrapping them in lantern paper. I've never seen ladu so classy before...hehehehe

Tel: 03 3191 2036
HP: 012 2831 665
Mr VK Manokaran

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TTB said...

Happy new year to you too. I also like the aubergene! And the food, very tasty, just nice, not too salty. I don't eat lamb, but sis and BIL the roast lamb was fantastic! Consider them lucky to be allowed to tag along ;) thanks!

Anonymous said...

So cool to blog abt food at ur own wedding party! It looks really delicious, of course. I've tried a lot of caterers, but haven't heard of KK before, though.

Mansi said...

the spread looks lavish! wish you a happy and healthy 2008!

HairyBerry said...

shouldn't have posted this lunch reception lar...cos it's making very hungry...great pics, dude!

the lamb looked so heavily marinated...i'm sure it was flavourful! and with so much onions in the sambal, it must be sweet, with a crunch...nice!

yammylicious said...

gosh! whole lamb?! so many curry!!! think of banana leaf d! slurp!

Bernsy said...

Bel - just glad that you enjoyed the spread.

Lemongrass - this caterer was used by so and so's Wedding who later was recommended it to so and so to another so and so, and after a few more referrals it now reaches here as a blog review..wakakakaka..... Another reason why we chosed them was because they could serve up all kinds of dishes plus the lamb, and they could assure us that the lamb was halal as we were gonna have Muslim guests.

Mansi - heh, thanks. Happy New Year to you too. :D

nic - the lamb was ok as it weighed only 12-13kgs. According to the caterer if it weighs anymore, its not a lamb anymore.... In my sleepy face, I went... whoaa !!! I didn't know that.... Nows yous

Yammy - 1 and a half lamb ler...u see the bits below the lamb cooking ? But all habised by one fler called "Gobi Huang". Didn't know he could eat so much.

Babe_KL said...

phew finally found time to read blog after one month. now only i knew u gotten married hehe... congratulations and happy new year!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat a lamb!!! i want!!..imagine chewing it off the ribs..woo hoo!

dis is the few times i see catering indian food..a change from the usual sweet n sour chicken and fish..

Bernsy said...

babe - heh thanks...

joe - Sweetnsour chicken..sounds like some american chinese buffet... lol....

Anonymous said...

Wow .. congrats on ur wedding Bernsy.

Btw, nice meeting you today.