Tuesday, January 29, 2008

La Gourmet House @ The Curve

Imagine walking around The Curve on a weekday evening, you just finished a work out, you are hungry, and as you walk out of the gym towards the Street, you see Laundry , packed with people, Italiannies the patrons have already emptied their plates, now enjoying their after meal wines, No place to sit, Fridays, packed like Sardines and the food also wont get served quickly, Sushi place packed, Penang place ( lauya wan), Thai place ( swore never to eat there again), then we came to La Gourmet house, very empty....

There was one other table occupied in the restaurant, the smoking section had 2 tables occupied, but they were just having coffee. It looks like a dying restaurant, but had heard from some friends saying this place, serves some nice food.

Plus the waitress was fishing for customers and all la... so we both stepped in. We saw a fridge, and realized this place serves pastries, cakes and sandwiches too.

So it took us awhile to decide what we want. Although friends said this place is nice, no additional info was given to us as to whats nice, and so on and so forth. In the end, sayang ordered her Irish Lamb, while I ordered by Steamed Dory with Rice set.

Sayang did a Water Test on them, by asking if they served plain water. So yes they do, its RM0.50 per glass. On top of that they also serve mocktails, cocktails, beers, fruit juice, gas juice, and coffee/tea.

The service was pretty good, and attentive, as the place was empty. The food came quite fast, and thought the presentation was pretty simple and decent. I took a spoonful and found it quite alright...

My steamed fish on the other hand was quite tasteless, if not for the Prego sauce they poured onto the fish. Presentation wise, I thought the half empty plate could be dribbled with some kinda sauce or something like that. I guess they are just trying to be a Western type restaurant.

Our first experience at dining in La Gourmet house was not a very good one. The fact that every other eatery on that day seemed packed, and this one was empty did not help with our impression either. There must be a reason why it was empty....

My guess is that I should come back and try their duck pasta.

Food is not cheap there, but its not expensive either. Our dished were about RM20 each but came in an below average serving.

La Gourmet House

Lot G-52, Ground Floor, The Curve
Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Waisikai - says duck pasta is superb
Themamakcorner - this one says duckpasta is superb


HairyBerry said...

la gourmet used to be quite a happening place...it was in ikano, next to manhattan fish market, if i remember correctly...

yeah, the duck pasta tastes good...perhaps it's the richness of the meat+oil lar...like hokkien mee+lard...

Christina Kim said...

I will think that an empty restaurants next to a buzzing row of restaurants suspicious too!
Perhaps people are just more comfortable with the food they are used to...or the trendy ones:p

In Penang however, do take note if the restaurant is empty though...it usually means it's really lousy;)

yammylicious said...

tried gourmet house be4 too.. sanwish club with smoke salmon found that quite simple and nothing special.. yea.. tasteless..