Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mrs. BH's first birthday dinner 2.. @ Summer Palace, Marriot Putrajaya

My in laws decided to take us out for dinner at Summer Palace, Marriot, Putrajaya. After a loooong drive on a NEW highway, we got there...

And cam whored a bit.

The first dish...Peking duck!

The duck, from Peking...nah, just cooked that way.. Wasn't crispy enough, the skin..

The actual dish, with the duck skin wrapped up in a roll, with spring onions and a lot of nice tasting stuff..but we had better at Marco Polo.

Next came ostrich fried with spring onions..the meat was way too salty and tough...so MIL got it replaced with this...It was supposed to be prawns stir fried with edamame beans, but they gave us french beans instead... the prawns were nice and juicy though, so no complaints.

The vege...my in laws love this dish, lotus root fried with pak hup and macadamia's...this dish, I like the most, because it wasn't over done, simple, tasty and not too oily. The asparagus was good, and they didn't scrimp on the pak hup or macadamias.

Sweet and sour chicken..another good one. Very nicely done chicken which was still crunchy and they used strawberry in this dish, no pineapple.

And finally...my cake! Curtesy of Alvin, BH's brother, from Renaissance KL...very nice cheesecake..with loads of cheese!

Summer Palace,
Putrajaya Marriott Hotel,
IOI Resort 62502 Putrajaya,
03 8949 8888


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

happy new year to you! but to be honest..i wont order sweet and sour chicken in a hotel..kinda defeats the purpose of eating a tai chow dish rite?

yammylicious said...

happie new year to U!! can see tat pecking duck skin its not crispy..

HairyBerry said...

happy new year (again, haha!)...is marco polo any good these days? used to be such a grand dining place...never stepped into it before.

Bernsy said...

joe - surprisingly that gulou chicken dish came out quite good. wakakaka....

yammy - happy new ears to you..

nic - marco polo has been renovated like a few years ago, and they have expanded their restaurant. It now consists of a section for private rooms and a big dining hall (same place as the old one). It now looks quite nice if you ask me.

Should go try their dim sum ...

TTB said...

This is very near to my house, and my friends work there, I'll sure let them know that the Peking duck is not nice haha :D